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Grant and Kristie are leading experts in the fitness industry. They’re both fully qualified trainers, for the past 5+ years we have supported 100s of clients to achieving life changing transformations.

Changing Our Clients Lives


Ryan – i want to be super fit and have a super six pack ready for my boxing bout

Ryan lost 22.5lbs down

simone – hard working and dedicated mom of 2 children, utilising her dinner break at work to achieve her dream body and a greater mental wellbeing

glen – ‘the incredible’ dropping a whopping 13 stone (83kg) in a life changing transformation

Jane – broke bad habit’s and is back to loving life with her spectacular transformation

Jane lost 14 kg 83kg to 69kg

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Working with Grant was amazing, from training to diet. He worked tirelessly to get me in to the condition I wanted, always there instantly if I had any questions. I lost over 3 stone while training and gained an huge amount of muscle. the diet he provided was easy to use and played a massive part in assisting my transformation. He helped balance and tailor my program to aid my mental health issues of anxiety and depression giving me a new lease of life that is priceless. He’s a real genuine lad who deserves all the accolades he receives for his dedication and hard work. I guarantee he won’t let you fail to hit your targets. Great times brother, thank you.

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Absolutely amazing experience, got pushed way above what I ever thought I would actually achieve but they had faith in me even when I didn’t have faith in myself. Would highly recommend.

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Give my goal… And grant basically scored the winner in a cup final. he grafted as hard as he made me work and my daughter also put through her paces amazing.

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Kristie made me feel so comfortable and confident! it was my first time ever seeing results. She’s always up for a proper girly chat but pushes you when you need it. Recommend kristie 10/10. She knows what the hell she’s doing put it that way! and results were had!

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Couldn’t recommend both kristie and grant enough both top quality PTs whom offer training and advice to the highest possible level. Top results for a very good price. Keep the good work going.

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I have been training with kristie for one month now and I can both see and feel a difference in myself already. I told kristie I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in July and need to lose weight and inches to feel comfortable in it. Getting up at 6am is hard and the training is tough but kristie keeps pushing me hard every session. Kristie is encouraging and supportive and keeps me motivated and now I am seeing results I wanted I am determined to keep working her because she had expert fitness skills and nutritional knowledge to get me to where I want to be.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get in the gym and see results to work with Unleashed Champions.

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from only £6 a month

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